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    Please be advised that guided imagery and visualization for self-hypnosis is a powerful tool, enhancing the ability to reach identified goals through the use of focused attention. Therefore, it is essential that these audiotapes/CDs be listened to in a safe and secure environment, and that the listener not be driving or performing any other tasks that require concentration.

Important Cautions regarding appropriate and safe use of the audiotapes/CDs:

  1. The proper use of these audiotapes/CD’s requires your concentration; please DO NOT listen to the tapes/CD’s or use these techniques while driving or performing other tasks requiring your full attention, for safety reasons;
  2. These audiotapes/CD’s are intended for your personal use only; please DO NOT utilize or share these powerful techniques or tapes/CD’s with others, who have not been prepared to make use of them;
  3. Use of the audiotapes/CDs for problem-solving and personal growth is not a substitute or replacement for professional psychotherapy. Please consult a mental health therapist for appropriate treatment for psychiatric and/or severe emotional disorders;
  4. Use of the audiotapes/CDs for improved management of certain physiological disorders is not a substitute or replacement for appropriate diagnosis and medical treatment by a physician. Please consult a healthcare professional for serious physical conditions.

This Website and the author of the materials are not responsible or liable for any resultants from the inappropriate use, misapplication, or misuse of the ideas, suggestions, materials or products provided in this website.

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