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    I 'm a worrier - I don't think I've been able to completely relax before and get some relief from the almost constant stress. I didn’t even realize how tense and stressed I have been, until I started listening to the CD and was able to relax more than I ever have before... By the second or third time, my body - and my mind - started almost immediately calming down and feeling peaceful.

It's such a great feeling to have the tension and stress just melt away, and the relaxed feeling wash over you. I look forward now to “my time” to put the CD in and relax.

D.D. & T.N.

The relaxation tape worked much better than I had expected. I didn't realize I could get that totally relaxed so quickly without falling asleep! It really did help me to relax.


Although it is hard at first to give yourself “permission” to take the time for you - it almost feels selfish - but once you do it, it is so wonderful to have it be just for yourself... to not be “accountable” to anyone else, no demands, no phones, etc. The peacefulness of the beautiful (garden) setting is so relaxing, you do not want to leave, but it is reassuring to know you can return anytime. Though you know it’s “not reality”, it restores your self and your body enough to face, and deal better with the reality of daily living and demands.


I have played the relaxation recording for my daughter when she had trouble getting to sleep (was worried or afraid), and she snuggled up and got comfy, and soon was fast asleep... I was surprised at how quickly this worked... It is a great way to teach my child how to learn to relax and not be anxious or wound up.

G.E. & W.H.

When I told my son, "we're going to do something fun where you use your imagination” to help him deal with tough feelings, like being angry or scared, even nervous and worried... and I played the ‘guided imagery’ tape for him... I really didn’t know he would take to it the way he did... He was able to calm down and feel secure, more confident that he could handle it... I am pleased at how well this worked for him.

D.D. & M.Q.

Dearest Dr Bourne: the following are my dramatic realizations and changes that I have noticed since working with your safe place, self-hypnosis and guided imagery.

I have been on a path of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and betterment for gong on 13 years. It has been a long journey and not always a pleasant one, but I will say that the Road Less Traveled if chosen is so rewarding that although I would not change my direction, I am in constant search of the next level of self betterment, not just for me, but for all those that I encounter, my family, friends, and even strangers I may meet along the way. Although I have been meditating for many years, I began to have problems concentrating on silence, and even more important using that time to create new behaviors, new inner languages, and simply stress relief, and self love.

The CDs (tapes) that I have received through Effective Life Skills-"The Inviting Garden Path", "Complete Body and Mind Relaxation", and "Creating A Safe Place” have changed me in such a way, that I actually noticed it immediately. I noticed in the manner that I received information from others (I no longer take things personally). The way that I think and speak to myself, and most importantly the state of clarity and mindfulness that I awaken with every morning.

Quiet time is an appointment that I schedule every evening 1 hour before I choose to go to bed. In this hour, I lay quietly, and I choose one of the 3 CDs (tapes) that I have grown to love, so I rotate them, and I close my eyes, and the soothing voice of Dr. Bourne enters into my space, and without any other sound, her voice alone brings with it-"a safe place"-the rest is up to me, Dr. Bourne is very specific on how to create what you are listening and there to learn, yet gives you the freedom, and understanding that your may mind wander, and not to worry for in that wandering you will discover other beautiful gifts that are yours to have, and so that too is a learning experience. When I began this practice every night about 5 weeks ago, I started waking up in a different frame of mind. One that I had never experienced in all my years of working on my unwanted behaviors, relaxation, and most importantly the language I had used on others and myself. I do not hear my negative self-talk; in fact I don't even know how to muster it up anymore. Most importantly these tapes have given me a peaceful inner calmness that I have been searching.

So, if you are a seasoned Traveler on that " Road Less Traveled", or simply a novice looking to carve out time for yourself, do not miss this opportunity to experience all the beauty that you are made.

I continue this practice and my loved ones have noticed, but most importantly I have never felt better about myself, and the commitment I have to carved out for myself allows me to go to places I would not otherwise go. Good luck, be brave and take the journey with Effective Life Skills-your life will not be the same.

God Bless - K.S.

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