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Our Mission and Purpose:

    To offer effective and innovative solutions to life’s challenges, difficulties, and stresses, by providing personal skills and tools that work to solve the problems, create the changes, and achieve the goals that are most pressing, significant, and meaningful to the individual. We are committed to supporting those seeking substantive information and guidance by offering readily useable self-help techniques within a model of respect for intelligence and capability. Our guiding philosophy is that self-knowledge combined with accurate information and effective tools and skills gives you personal power — the power to change and the power to accomplish.

It is these skills and tools—for stress management/reduction, deep physical and mental relaxation, weight reduction and management, fitness and exercising, healthy balanced lifestyles, changing problem behaviors, and self-motivation for achieving personal goals─ that have been developed and refined through clinical experience into a series of professionally prepared audiotapes/CD’s. These expertly crafted recordings serve as excellent teaching and learning tools, blending the techniques of guided imagery, positive visualization, relaxation skills and self-hypnosis, that will facilitate the desired personal changes and goals. Importantly, these self-contained instructional recordings provide the tools and skills that place the individual in control of changing unworkable or self-defeating behaviors, thoughts, or feelings to achieve real results—lasting desired changes in life patterns, not temporary band-aids or fleeting success followed by regression.

Our purpose is to supply what is essential to the deeper “core” learning, and to healthy changes in previous ways of coping with problems in living, that moves beyond quick fixes or empty promises, and into healthier living, reduced stress, increased relaxation, fitness, improved self-esteem, sense of accomplishment, and sustained positive lifestyle changes.

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