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Why the Tools Were Developed -
A Personal Note From The Therapist

    After having witnessed so many clients in my private practice struggle, mightily and painfully, either with ineffective coping patterns and the negative impact of stress… or the self-defeating traps of anxiety, chronic worry, panic attacks, or depression…or unhealthy eating patterns and weight issues…or the inability to make or stick with necessary lifestyle changes (like exercising regularly), I became committed to developing highly effective tools that would work for them, skills for their own use. All were clients whom I had come to know well, care deeply about, and respect for their intelligence, competence, and commitment to personal growth and to emotional/psychological health. All are capable people who knew clearly ‘in their heads’ the “right” things to do to address or resolve their problems with stress, worry, depression, weight, inconsistency or procrastination, etc., yet who kept finding themselves, despite their best efforts and perhaps temporary ‘success’, back at the same unhealthy place, back at “square one.”

I was resolved to give them the tools, their own skills, to initiate and then, importantly, to consistently continue and maintain the changes at the deepest levels in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, that would allow each of them to first achieve, and then to sustain real, “life pattern changes.” These healthy life pattern changes, in turn, helped them realize their long-term goals for physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

I have distilled this professional knowledge and experience, along with what I have learned from all of my clients about “what really works,” into readily useable tools and skills for change. These tools and skills in my personally composed, crafted and recorded audiotapes/CD’s now make this resource accessible beyond the scope of my practice and available to others in need of help, guidance, or simply the catalyst for personal growth and improvement.

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