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Effective Help for Sleep Problems

Most of us have experienced an occasional sleepless night; however, problems with sleep on a chronic basis or over an extended period of time deserve special attention and intervention. Common sleep problems include:

  • Frequently having difficulty sleeping … including difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep once you have fallen asleep, or difficulty getting back to sleep if you have awakened;
  • Struggling with insomnia, sleep deficit or deprivation, restless sleep or restless leg syndrome, and generally poor quality sleep or inadequate duration of sleep;
  • Awakening feeling tired, not rested or refreshed; or routinely becoming sleepy during the day, perhaps even while driving or performing other tasks requiring alertness.

Such chronic sleep problems have a negative impact on: concentration levels and memory; energy and productivity; emotional health (anxiety, irritability, depression); your body’s ability to repair itself; function of the immune system; general health and well-being; and even the ability to enjoy your life.

The professional Sleep Series recordings have been specifically designed to provide effective tools to cope with, to improve, and to reverse long-standing sleep problems, and the cascade of secondary health problems they create. These therapeutic tools facilitate deep and restful sleep, providing natural sleep aides to help you fall asleep, to help you stay asleep, or to help you easily get back to sleep when your sleep has been disturbed or interrupted. Equally as important, the recordings serve to develop beneficial sleep skills and strengthen inner resources. Thus, the recordings are intended for those who prefer a natural, non-medicated approach as the primary tool for improved sleep and enduring positive change in sleep patterns for the long-term.

The Sleep Series of experiential audiotapes/CD’s have been expertly prepared to blend the most effective elements of: 1) deep breathing techniques to induce inner calm; 2) guided imagery to promote peacefulness and a sense of well-being through visualizing serene scenes; 3) progressive muscle relaxation to systematically relax your entire body; and 4) guided self-hypnosis to allow you to thoroughly release stress or tension, and to deepen the positive benefits of mind/body relaxation in preparation for high quality sleep. All of these components, in combination, are essential to producing truly restorative, deep sleep.

This uniquely effective blend of Guided Imagery, Visualization, Progressive Relaxation, and gentle Self-Hypnosis works unlike any other single technique to produce a state of readiness for sleep by:

  1. Clearing away intrusive worries and troubling thoughts, or “mental clutter,” that can prevent or disrupt sleep;
  2. Discharging negative emotions or sensations, such as anxiety or worry, stress, frustration or anger, agitation or restlessness, fears or nervousness;
  3. Fully and completely relaxing the entire body, including deep muscle relaxation, in preparation for sleep;
  4. Providing the brain with a soothing, relaxing substitute to focus and concentrate upon, so that distracting, unwanted thoughts or preoccupations cease, and the brain naturally progresses through the relaxed (alpha) state into the deep sleep (delta) brainwave state;
  5. Thereby creating the most conducive overall mind/body state for deep, natural sleep.

Through this profoundly relaxing process, each recording creates such a soothing experience that your mind and body will naturally relax, and let go of any distractions. Importantly, you will soon develop your own skills to break the vicious cycle of unending, intrusive thoughts and worries that keep you from falling asleep, or wake you up in mid-sleep. Each recording has been designed to guide your overactive or restless mind in releasing and discharging such troubling thoughts, worries, or stresses… changing the thought patterns that can – and often do – prevent or intrude upon your sleep. The recordings will assist your mind in becoming quiet, clear, and calm, with your body fully relaxed, so that you will enjoy a deeper, prolonged sleep that restores and recharges both your mind and body. As the calming, peaceful guided imagery comes to close, it will allow you to drift into sleep, and then stay in a very deep, restorative, and natural sleep…completely relaxed and at peace.

The following Sleep Series of audiotapes/CDs were specifically developed to facilitate deep natural sleep and healthy sleep patterns. Each blends the same effective components described above, within its own unique themes of guided imagery and providing different skill sets. For more detailed descriptions of each audiotape/CD you may choose any of the following highlighted titles:

Inviting Garden Path For Sleep:
Guided Imagery for Relaxation, Stress Management/Reduction, and Self-Hypnosis for Improved Sleep

Complete Body & Mind Relaxation for Sleep:
Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Stress Management/Reduction & Deep Sleep through Full Mind/Body Relaxation

Songs of the Sea for Sleep – Soothing Sounds & Scenes for Your Senses:
Guided Imagery for Stress Reduction & Progressive Deep Relaxation to Improve Sleep

Creating A Safe Place for Sleep:
For Relaxation, Restoration and Reducing Stress to Enhance Sleep

For more information regarding the specific benefits of learning deep relaxation and stress-reducing skills of Guided Imagery, Visualization and Self-Hypnosis for application to Sleep Problems and other concerns, select: More Information About Uses.

For a sampling of comments from those who have utilized the Sleep Series recordings for help with long-standing sleep problems, select “Comments About Sleep Problems” in Testimonials.

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