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What is Guided Imagery and Self-Hypnosis?

Why This Works

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Why the Tools Were Developed

Guide for Use of Tapes/CDs

Guide For Use Of Guided Imagery
And Self-Hypnosis Audiotapes Or CDs

    The instructive, professional recordings are designed to provide you with the experience of guided imagery and visualization for relaxation, stress management, and self-hypnosis, applied to topic or problem areas that are important to you. Each guided imagery and self-hypnosis audiotape/CD is expertly crafted to assist you in accomplishing the personal growth, changes, or goals that are meaningful for you.

Through simply listening to the carefully constructed audiotapes/CDs, you will be able to experience the wonderfully unique and enjoyable sensation of being both very physically relaxed and, at the same time, highly focused in concentrating productively on an issue or problem that you wish to effectively address, in order to create and strengthen the desirable behaviors, thoughts, and feelings you most want. Each self-contained, instructional audiotape/CD is a tool designed to provide a beneficial, personalized learning experience - a fascinating opportunity for self-discovery - and to guide you in harnessing your inner resources and utilizing your newly-acquired skills to improve and benefit the problem areas or concerns you select.

Through the gentle guiding process of the tape’s/CD’s imagery, you will very likely find that you can relax more readily and deeply than was possible before, that you can release distracting thoughts, and that you can concentrate completely and productively on the task at hand. With the expert help of the audiotape/CD tools, you will then be able to apply your skills to a limitless array of problems or goals. These desired personal changes or goals may include, but are not limited to:

  • Deep mental and physical relaxation;
  • Reduction/Management of stress;
  • Movement out of mild to moderate depression;
  • Reduction of anxiety or excessive worry;
  • Emotional strengthening, cleansing, and renewal;
  • Reduction of fear, phobic reaction, or panic attacks;
  • Anger management;
  • Behavioral patterns and lifestyle changes such as
    • sustaining regular exercise activity,
    • smoking cessation,
    • control of eating patterns;
  • Weight reduction and management;
  • Improved management of physiological problems such as:
    headaches and migraines, high blood pressure, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, backache, etc.;
  • Motivation and confidence for personal goal attainment.

With periodic listening to the guided imagery and self-hypnosis audiotapes/CDs and with practice, you will develop your own skill in accelerating and deepening the positive effects of this process. The more frequently you can listen to your chosen tape(s)/CD(s), the more rapidly you can reinforce the beneficial changes or steps toward goals that you want. However, there is no “minimum required amount” of repetition for this to be helpful and effective for you.

There are a few important cautions regarding appropriate and safe use of the audiotapes/CDs:

  1. Do not listen to the tapes/CDs or use these techniques while driving or performing other tasks requiring your full attention;
  2. Do not utilize or share these powerful techniques or tapes/CDs with others, who have not been prepared to make use of them. These tapes are intended for your personal use only;
  3. Use of the tapes for problem-solving and personal growth is not a substitute for professional psychotherapy. Please consult a therapist for appropriate treatment for severe emotional distress or psychiatric disorders.

If you have any concerns about the content of the audiotape/CD, I strongly encourage you to first simply listen to it in its entirety to see what will happen. You will find it to be just as though I were talking to you right now, with you simply concentrating on relaxing and what you wish to accomplish….any concerns that you might have will vanish.

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