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Achieving Lifestyle Changes for Fitness and Health

Most of us know what the “right” things to do to improve our health would be, what the “right choices” would be. The problem that holds us back or keeps us “stuck” is not lack of information, it is being unable to consistently apply or follow through on what we do know, due to: bad habits we have developed; unworkable plans or expectations; stress or emotional distress; ineffective coping techniques; or unhealthy, automatic patterns of behaving and thinking that override our better intentions or judgment. A single exercise plan or diet program will not fix this root source of being stuck or of regressing back to unhealthy choices and unhealthy living. However, developing your own skills in initiating and then sustaining an individualized exercise activity program, as well as a healthful balanced eating pattern, that you choose and that “fits you,” will enable you to make a change you can stay with, a change for life.

The instructional audiotape/CD tools are specifically designed to provide the mind-set and the skills to begin and, importantly, to consistently continue the desired changes at the deepest level of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that allow you to first achieve, and then to maintain real lifestyle or “life pattern” changes. It is this healthy life pattern change that, in turn, will accomplish your long-term goals for physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being... by adopting new patterns of living that support healthy changes and goals for the life you want to live.

For more information on tools for creating healthy, lifestyle or pattern changes, select exercise activity or eating habits and nutrition to learn more about increasing your fitness level, maintaining a weight that is healthy for you by consistently better food choices, and establishing better balance in your daily living.

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